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OrshinaSexual violence

Orshina in the City!

By October 21, 2022No Comments

ELEM’s center Orshina for boys who experienced sexual assault has launched a new initiative “Orshina in the City.” The Orshina team is now going to Jerusalem city center, making services available for boys wherever they are.

“Orshina in the City” will enable boys to receive initial information and counseling and provide them with a place to talk about sexuality and harm. The team will also hold various discussion circles, right there on the street, about these topics.

The center itself is pretty new as it only opened in the past year. It is the first in Israel specifically treating teen boys (13-18) who were sexually assaulted. It is an additional step in reaching out and improving our services to different populations. As many boys who have been sexually abused do not reach out for help, it is particularly important to create safe spaces for them and to make help accessile.


orshina in the city