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Sexual violence

Our new center for boys who experienced sexual violence

By August 5, 2022August 11th, 2022No Comments

We are happy to share that ELEM opened the first ever treatment center in Israel  for boys who experienced sexual violence.

Though one  in five Israeli boys ​ages 13-18 experience sexual violence, only 10%-15%​ of patients in treatment centers are boys, since stigma, no doubt, plays a role.

ELEM is now there to fill in the gap, and provide a service that is tailored to boys’ unique needs. This new center in Jerusalem is in addition to our existing services for women such as A Real Home.

This new center will combine two methods of therapy: individual, private therapy and informal work. The goal of the center is to not only offer treatment to boys, but also to promote broader policy change. Our hope is that we can find further solutions for this neglected demographic.

We will continue to work to provide services to all at-risk youth and tailor our services to their unique needs. At ELEM, we offer help no matter what the youth’s background is.

We hope this new center will assist many boys who lacked proper care up until now, with the help they need and deserve. We also hope that this center is only the beginning.

Congrats to the staff in Jerusalem, and good luck on this new journey.

center for boys who experienced sexual violence