Critical Demographic Info:

The Continuum of Risk of Youth in Israel

Stress Affected
560,000 Youth

Difficulties associated with adolescence exaggerated by the stress of life in Israel, including threat of violence and war.

Marginal Risk
120,000 Youth

Difficulty dealing with adolescence and functioning, depression, suicidal thoughts and drug and alcohol abuse. Lack of adequate response from family, friends or school.

Serious Risk
80,000 Youth

Inability to function at school, sense of failure, dropout from school or educational gaps, drug and alcohol abuse, as well as severe emotional and family problems.

High Risk
32,000 Youth

Complete exit from normative frameworks, failure to integrate into alternative systems, social detachment, vagrancy, involvement in negative sources of pleasure, drug and alcohol abuse, delinquency and crime.

Fatal Risk
8,000 Youth

Homelessness, delinquency and self-destruction, sexual promiscuity, drug addiction and detachment from family and society.