ELEM Digital

What ELEM Digital offers:

       Support and Counseling Interfaces Offered by Y-ELEM:

  • Virtual Counseling Rooms is an online chat platform staffed by specially trained professionals who volunteer their time and offer “one-on-one” anonymous counseling.

  • The Forum simulates group work and allows the youth to share their advice, experiences and difficulties with their peers. The Forum is operated by professionals who volunteer and have been trained and certified.

  • E-mail support allows the youth to communicate their questions to the professional volunteers 24/7. 

What does ELEM Digital do for at-risk Israeli youth?

ELEM Digital uses multiple platforms to connect youth to reliable and valuable information, assistance, individual and group counseling online – all while remaining anonymous. In 2004, ELEM launched the Y-ELEM website, to provide information, counseling and emotional support, from trained professionals, via forum, chatroom, and email. This accessible method adapts to the changing need of tech-dependent clientele.Today, ELEM digital actualizes ELEM’s guiding principles to “be where the youth are” and to establish meaningful relationships with a positive adult role model who can be easily accessible during the complex journey of adolescence.

Who does ELEM Digital serve?

About 60,000 teens contacted ELEM Digital in 2018.  4,456 various therapeutic interventions were held with 2,620 youth and young adults through four interfaces. These users were aged 12-21 and are located in all areas of the country and from all sectors of society who are experiencing difficulties or are in distress, who see the internet as a natural environment for support and guidance.

New Research 

An increase in the use of mobile devices- more than half of the requests came via smart phones, tablets or ipads, mainly due to the site now supporting mobile access.


  • The outreach system and intervention via social networks was improved. Staff received training in new media and teen activity on social networks.

  • An increase in the number of youth seeking assistance and interventions as a result of also joining the world of Instagram as a means of outreach for youth at risk within the digital world.

  • Tracking and uploading the needs of at-risk immigrant youth from France and the beginning of the establishment of a network including French-speaking volunteer professionals.

What are our expansion and development goals?

  • To set up a platform for reciprocal support given by youth, with professional monitoring and guidance by ELEM.

  • Specialization and training for our staff in the field of commercial sexual exploitation of minors on the internet and sexual abuse and developing appropriate intervention methods.

  • Rebranding the Y-ELEM system making it compatible with technological advances with the help of the Holon institute of Technology.

  • Implementing the increase in the age of participants to 23 and coordinating this with the age of referrals in projects aimed at high – risk populations in ELEM.