The Good People Project - Ish Tov

Every weekend, thousands of youth travel to locations all over the country to participate in trance parties, large gatherings where electronic dance music is played that purports to put dancers into a hypnotic state and heightened consciousness. In the past few years, ELEM has witnessed a rise of the number of youth attending these parties due to the ease of distributing event information via social media. These events attract high-risk youth who need help getting their lives back on track and emotional support to free themselves from drugs and unhealthy home environments.

What is The Good People Project?

Trance parties are held primarily without the knowledge or approval of law enforcement officers. Consequently, there is a complete lack of support for youth during and after these events. ELEM fills this void by meeting with youth, identifying those in distress and helping them access appropriate help. Without this critical intervention at these parties, youth who partake in psychedelic drugs could suffer life-changing effects and their behavior could lead to long-term psychiatric hospitalization.  

New Trend

There has been an increase in the number of violent incidents and the use of psychoactive substances. Some of these violent incidents include criminal involvement, especially in the younger age groups.

Who receives help from The Good People Project?

In 2018,  “Good People” teams intervened with hundreds of youth in crisis during and after the trance parties. Significant relationships and ongoing contact was established with about 300 of  these youth.