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Kan News Sexual Abuse

President Rivlin with Nava Corona report

Online Benefit Concert June 2020

Hashomrin Third Sector & the Corona

Reut guy on the Corona Crisis

ELEM's work during the Corona Crisis

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N.'s story

Shiri's story

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Street ED campaign - Art

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What would you have done?

What is ELEM?

ELEM: Transforming the Lives of Troubled Teens in Israel (2015)

What is ELEM?

ELEM Flag Campaign

ELEM Migdalor Petach Tikva Music Center

The Healing Quality of Music

Israeli Superstar and ELEM Youth Diana Golbi

"Someone to Run With"

Hillary Clinton wishing a special blessing to ELEM/Youth in Distress in Israel on its 30th anniversary

Naama: former ELEM youth, now volunteer of the month

Curtis Sliwa & Junior Guardian Angels Receive Lifesaver Award from ELEM

Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary) Admires ELEM's Work

Videos from our Ray of Hope Gala events

Lenore Ruben's 2016 Ray of Hope Gala Speech

Nava Barak's 2016 Ray of Hope Gala Speech

Shlomo Yanai's 2016 Ray of Hope Gala Speech

Rabbi Dr. Eric Lankin's 2016 Ray of Hope Gala Speech

David Sugarman's 2016 Ray of Hope Gala Speech

Consul General of Israel in NY, Dani Dayan Greets Gala

Geraldo Rivera Greets Gala Attendees

Nava Barak Greets ELEM's Gala

What ELEM Means to Me

Ingrid Jean-Baptiste

Mitchell Slepian

Moriah Schervone

Lori Gosset

Noam Laden Talks About ELEM