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New Course for Treating Sexual Abuse

By December 9, 2022No Comments

This month we launched the first of its kind course in Israel, “Therapist Training Course for Integrative Treatment of Sexual Abuse.” This new course provides tools for treating children and youth who have been sexually abused or sexually abused others. The first of 21 sessions was attended by 40 professionals who came to learn from us.

The course, lead by ELEM, strives to deepen the understanding of the emotional, psychological and cognitive patterns of children and adolescents who were harmed or harmed others. As part of this we encourage working with family and other systems to both understand and treat sexual abuse. Sometimes, those who hurt others have been victims themselves.

This course is part of our work in treating sexual violence. Others programs  include the The Center For The Prevention And Treatment Of Sexual Violence Among Youth and A Real Home. We see great importance in sharing our knowledge and expertise and in training additional therapist. These therapist can then go on to can help children and youth who have been harmed or harmed others. 

This is not the only new initiative we launched recently. Last week we told you about our new employment preparatory initiative for the Arab community. We keep working hard on improving and expanding both our work and knowledge.

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