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New Employment Initiative for the Arab Community

By November 25, 2022No Comments

Earlier this month we launched an employment preparatory initiative in Shfaram for Arab youth in the Youth Protection Services centers in Northern Israel. The initiative is a joint effort between government agencies and other organizations.

Our goal is to provide youth with a variety of tools and skills, ranging from employment skills to professional Hebrew language skills. Above all, we hope to instill in them a sense of competence and improve their career prospects so they can gain independence. 

As part of the initiative, youth who take part in ELEM’s Dependence to Independence program will have a plan that will include integration in employment centers throughout the country.

This types of programs benefit not only youth, but society at large, as youth grow to become contributing citizens. These programs help break cycles of poverty, exclusion, and distress. 

ELEM has been improving and expanding its programs in the Arab community. In the past year we also established ELEM’s Arab Community field that focuses on doing just that. We strive to better identify the needs and gaps in services the Arab community is facing and  as tailor our programs accordingly. In addition, by working with different partners we improve existing relationships and build new partnerships.  

ELEM's employment preparatory initiative