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We are so happy about the US’s recent final fiscal year 2022 (FY22) budget. This budget supports homeless youth through certain increases.

This budget supports homeless youth in many ways and on many fronts, including with additional funding for housing, health, and education opportunities for youth experiencing homelessness. It is also set  to protect young victims of human trafficking. Moreover, the bill also helps to provide better care for sexual assault survivors and their families.

Better understanding and investment in young people experiencing homelessness worldwide is crucial. Though our programs are in Israel, we believe it is important to see what different countries are doing. To tackle these issues we need to learn from one another.

Our programs served the same type of population that will be positively impacted by some of the increases in the new budget. We salute this major step forward. It’s also important to remember that there’s always more to be done. ELEM always aspires to grow and extend a helping end to youth and young people at-risk. We makes sure to “listen” to the people on the field in order to adjust as needed.

Programs such as The Friendship House, Someone to Run With, and The Heart/Halev centers offer housing, as well as assisting with issues related to health, and next steps for the day after the housing programs end. 

youth experiencing homelessness