Someone to Run With- Mishehu Larutz I'to

What is Someone to Run With?

Operating since 2002, Someone to Run With – Mishehu Larutz I’to is a drop-in center that provides emotional support, medical care, medical supplies, hot meals, warm clothing and showers to homeless young adults. Youth receive assistance in contacting community services and in locating temporary living accommodations in hostels or rented apartments. One day a week, the center is open exclusively for young women, so that the specific needs of this population can be addressed. In cases where there is motivation for change, the young adults are offered the opportunity to take part in a long term rehabilitative, therapeutic process. We have expanded our drop-in centers and shelters for homeless youth this year. In Tel Aviv, we expanded services at “Someone to Run With”, becoming the first  24/7 shelter for homeless young men.

Where is it located?

Someone To Run With – Mishehu Larutz I’to is located in Tel Aviv. Click here for the full map of our projects.

Who is Served by Someone to Run with?

The program serves adolescents and young adults ages 18 to 26 at extreme risk. The majority are substance abusers, homeless and detached from the any therapeutic, social or family support system. Many turn to crime, prostitution or addictions as survival strategies.  

New Trends

There has been a rise in the number of native Israelis seeking help from the project as opposed to young adults of other origins.

A continued rise in the use of “legal highs” and their derivatives that cause increased violence and the appearance of psychotic behaviors.  

Statistics of Interest

100% of the participants in Someone to Run With experience: homelessness, malnutrition, poverty, health issues, emotional distress, family relationship strife and social difficulties. 90% experience physical and sexual violence, abuse or exploitation, 80% struggle with employment and substance abuse issues, 70% have dealt with racism and issues pertaining to sexuality and 50% have psychiatric problems.

82% of participants are men, while only 18% are women.

“I want a home, somewhere I can sleep every night. Somewhere to rest, get organized for work. I want a regular job.”

Roni, 21, Tel Aviv


In Tel Aviv, we expanded services at “Someone to Run With”, becoming the first 24/7 shelter for homeless young men.