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The Fire in Galal – Moving Forward

By June 30, 2023No Comments

Earlier this year, a terrible fire destroyed  Galgal, our center in Jerusalem for homeless young women. Last month, Chen, our manager of communications talked to one of Galgal’s staff members, Avigail, about what has happened and future plans.

Fire in Galgal- Before and After pictureThe fire was hard for both the young women at the shelter and the staff. ELEM’s top priority was to ensure the girls have a roof over their heads as we are slowly recovering. The center currently operates in a temporary location and renovations are ongoing for a new permanent location.  As Avigail said, we truly learned that the connection and bond we have in the center is just as valuable as the physical location.  However, Galgal still needs to be rebuild have a shelter that brings everyone together and serve the needs of the girl in the best way possible.

Many of the girls who come to Galgal come from broken homes. They resort to different means to survive including prostitution. Galgal plays a vital role in helping them to start again and live the life they want and deserve. Avigail even shares the story of one girl who got into university in is hoping to help others who had similar experiences to hers.

If you would like to help please email: [email protected]