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Last month, our very own Head of the Street Work Field – Roy Homri, spoke about our work at a side event, during the 65th convention of the UN’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

The event focused on drug abuse and prevention. It was great meeting speakers from Green Crescent Turkey, and Green Crescent Indonesia. 

Roy shared our work in the digital sphere, where we utilize artificial intelligence. This tool helps us locate youth who use, abuse, or are addicted to drugs. Once we locate them, we offer help, first online, then, potentially, in person. 

These tools helps us rate the level of danger the youths are in. Out of a 100 youths we reach out to, about 28% correspond with us online at least once, while about 13% reach back more than once and even continue with further treatment “offline.”

The online work also allows us to find invitations to nature parties, where huge amounts of drugs can be found. We then arrive at the scene with our Outreach Vans, as part of our Good People Project, and offer immediate assistance.

Thank you to the UN’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs!

To learn more, including about challenges in the never growing digital field, watch Roy’s talk.