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Touching Hearts at the Heart

By February 16, 2024No Comments

ELEM’s The Heart/Halev centers assist youth and young adults involved in prostitution. The centers provide positive adult role models, encourage youth to exercise their rights and provide tools for youth to start again. As part of the process youth goes through at Halev centers, they sometime get to participate in different workshops and groups.

Today we wanted to share snippets of the process and opportunities ELEM youth gets at The Heart/Halev Dimona center.

A a few weeks ago the center opened an emotional regulation skills group. In the group the girls learned about DBT, mindfulness and dealing with distress. The participants shared that the group was helpful to them. They not only got tools to cope but enjoyed the group aspect of the training.

We are always grateful that youth and young people allow us to be part of their journey!

The Heart/Halev emotional regulation workshop