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The Heart Halev

The People with the Biggest Heart

By September 22, 2023No Comments

We want to introduce to you some of the people working for ELEM’s The Heart/Halev center. The center serves youth and young people engaged in prostitution.

This is Michal, a social worker who has been working at Halev for 3 years.

“The work at Halev is one of the most meaningful jobs I’ve had. A place that respects the way each young man and woman chooses to deal with the reality of their lives. I am there with them to think about it and take big small steps together. Our approach is tailored, each young man and woman has a treatment plan that suits them. It enables creativity, flexible thinking and a ground for endless learning.”

This is Eden The Heart nighttime coordinator.

“The night work is special, it is an opportunity to provide a little security, warmth and inclusion for young people for whom these hours are the most challenging and complex of the day. The heart is a place that allows young people to choose how to be and show themselves the way they want, while at the same time we insist on also seeing the things that are usually hidden.”

This is Shira The Heart nighttime coordinator.

“I think, working at Halev gives you first and foremost the right to enter the world of these wonderful and inspiring kids. And in addition, the opportunity to learn about yourself as you never before. All this goodness is accompanied by moments of laughter, crying, learning and lots of understanding”

This is Naama a nighttime coordinator and scouting coordinator.

“The work in the heart exposed me to the darkest sides of the world, but also to a lot of light. Light from our special young people, from small moments of smile and hope and from the team that has become a family that is there in the most difficult and funniest moments. More than anything, this place contributed to my professional development in the world of therapy, taught me different approaches to looking at the soul, trauma and the enormous importance of establishing a connection. Everything that was obvious became . I discovered different ways to look at words and what is in between them. I discovered how to listen and hold on to small moments with meaning, how to stay with the pain and not try to come up with immediate solutions.”