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It might be winter time but those of you who’ve been to Eilat know that it’s almost always summer there.  Summer means – scuba diving. For some, it isn’t just a sport, but also a therapeutic tool.

A group of young women from our The Heart/Halev program in Eilat for youth and young people at fatal risk, recently completed a scuba diving certification course. The depths provide peace, quiet, and there the women found ways to believe in themselves, their abilities, and wants.

These classes require not only a major time commitment, but also a lot of mental strength, which our women have shown.

Many thanks to everyone who was involved, and huge congrats to the young women who are now also certified divers.

One of the things ELEM is most proud of is how creative we get when it comes to therapy. This recent success story is just one example as to how unite hobbies and different environments can assist with empowerment and healing. We often hold workshops across all of our programs, and while some of them are more immediate, such as teaching youth and young people how to exhaust their rights, some are very leisure based, such as writing workshop, horse-riding classes, cooking classes, band practice, and more.