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Thank you supporters!

By August 18, 2023No Comments

We are getting some love this summer from incredible supporters and volunteers!

From Strauss employees and Chef Yaniv Gur Arye cooking a special chef meal to our youth at TheHeart/Halev Haifa to employees of Ayalon Insurance company giving the center a little update.

But The Heart Center is not the only one that got a little makeover. Our Holon mix center which assists youth of immigrant background also enjoyed a little spruce. This was thanks to generous employees from ELEM Israel supporters Amdocs and gardeners Gal Pozniak and Eyal Maor. In addition, Uniliver Israel came to visit us at ELEM’s Coffee and Small Talk center in Nof Hagalil. They updated one of the center’s rooms and organized a little summer party for our youth (ice cream included!).

And we cannot forgetour center Orshina that received lovely mezuzot that were colorfully decorated by students of the Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of Connecticut.

These acts of kindness is what makes ELEM so special. They allow us to give out youth enjoyable experiences!

supporters and youth at ELEM's Coffee and Small Talk center