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Random Good Deeds

By November 8, 2021No Comments

“One afternoon I went to Delicatessen in Tel Aviv. Someone stood in line in front of me and tasted an amazingly looking cheese. So I asked to taste it, too. It was absolutely delicious, and as I ordered it, I turned to him and said ‘the cheese is yummy. Thanks for the inspiration.’ And he replied ‘If I am the one who inspired you to buy it, then I want to pay for it.’ I told him, ‘that’d make me happy. And you can be happy, too, because you’re done a good deed. See, I wasn’t buying it for myself, but for my community, which is an activist community of incredible women who come from the background of being at-risk youth.’

‘Really?’ he asked. ‘Where do you meet?’ ‘We meet at HaTikva Neighborhood,’ I said. ‘But I buy our snacks here because we all really love the amazing food of Delicatessen, and I wanted us to have a special night.’

‘If that’s the case, then I’d like to donate your snacks.’ And I thought he meant the food just for our meeting that night, but no, he wanted to donate snacks for the entire year.

And so, while I was standing in line, sweating, surprised, and too rushed to properly thank him, this kind stranger spoke to the owners and figured out all the details of this year-long donation.

Thank you to all the angels out there and those who support this community of amazing women.”

-Naomi Cohen, Manager of “Activista,” ELEM Women Activist Community in Tel Aviv

In the photo: Naomi with another member of Activista