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Our Shluk Centers are Making a Difference

By September 30, 2022No Comments

The school year has recently begun and we wanted to share some of the work we do on school grounds through our Shluk centers across Israel. Israel’s Social Security Agency conducted a research to follow the effects of the program in four schools in the course of three years. We are so pleased with the results and even more so with the positive impact as we hope to expand the program to more cities.

Here is some of the main results:

  • 74% of  students reported that their relationship with the Shluk coordinator is moderately to very good. ​
  • 45% of them viewed  the coordinator as a mediator between them and the school staff.​
  • 76% of  students reported that they really liked coming to the centers.​
  • 77% of them noted that they would recommend their friends to attend  the centers.​
  • 42% of students responded that they better understand their strengths and weaknesses after attending the Shluk centers.​
  • 38% responded that their self-esteem improved than after attending the Shluk centers.
  • Students also indicated the Shluk’s contribution to meeting their emotional needs, dealing with topics related
    to adolescence, helping them socialize with their peers and assisting them with study habits and motivation to attend school.


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