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Our Activist Community Paying it Forward!

By September 17, 2021No Comments

ELEM’s Activists Communities are made of young women, alums of ELEM’s programs, who want to fight for social justice and equality following overcoming their own struggles. 

One such community is the “Lifechanging Dames” in Jerusalem. We’ll let them take it from here:

“Part of what makes our community so unique is that our initiatives are born from the field, from the heart, from within, and from our memories.

Sometimes people tell us “how did you come up with this idea? Who would’ve even thought of that?”

*We* thought of that! Because we were there. We lived through it. Some of us still do!”


“This time the goal was accessibility. To give a voice and raise awareness to the matter of pads and tampons for people with periods who, at this point of their lives, for one reason or another, can’t afford to buy them.

These are basic, humanitarian necessities,  and everyone who needs these products should have access to them, no matter what their  financial situation is. 

No one needs to beg for pads at a pharmacy because they live on the streets and can’t even afford a meal for the day. Or be forced to wear the same pants for a whole week straight while having their periods. Nor should they stay at home because they can’t head out without pads or tampons.”


“We recently dropped little boxes with pads and tampons at different spots in central Jerusalem. We placed these at bathroom stalls. The boxes are available for anyone who needs it, at different times of the day, and in places that serve different demographics, so that anyone can come anonymously and safely.

We also left you a letter so that you’ll know we’re thinking of you!”

Way to go, Dames! We adore you!