ELEM Youth Engagement

Are you looking for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah project to accompany a fundraising goal for ELEM? A fun, yet meaningful event for a youth group? A project for a school class to promote values of charity and caring for others while raising money for tzedakah? Here are some ideas for youth who want to spearhead specialized fundraising campaigns for ELEM's youth, while supporting local community needs.

Outreach Vans

  1. Outreach Van Kits– Create kits to donate to local homeless shelters, just like what is distributed by ELEM Outreach Vans. Kits could include instant coffees, snacks, scarves, mittens, hats and instant soups.

  2. Hydration Project–  An event to decorate portable water bottles to make sure that kids have an environmentally friendly bottle to drink from in the heat, to prevent dehydration.

  3. Kits for Homeless Youth– Collecting and supplying basic supplies for youths who live on the street- deodorant, first aid supplies, soap, sunscreen, socks, blankets.

  4. Hug in a Jacket– Collect clean, used jackets to be donated locally, like ELEM provides to the needy youth in Israel for the winter.

For more information about our Outreach Van project, click here.

Hafuch Al Hafuch- Coffee and Small Talk

  1. The Coffee Klatch Project– Gather board games like: chess, checkers, backgammon or other games to assist ELEM counselors in engaging the teens in therapuetic goals.

  2. Pottery Night Event– Paint ceramic mugs with the logo of your event or youth group on it, or other appealing or meaningful designs.

To find out more about Hafuch Al Hafuch, click here.

A Real Home- Bayit Amiti

  1. Containers for Connection– an event for decorating portable jewelry containers. A safe way to transport jewlery or small objects of imporance that otherwise might get lost or stolen.

  2. Scenes of Hope Paint Night– Paint night for images of hope for the walls of the centers on portable wall decals to decorate the facilities and raise money for progamming.

  3. Small Bottles, Big Impact Project– Collect or supply little bottles of soaps and shampoos to send to Israel for temporary housing facilities for homeless youth.

For more information about A Real Home – Bayit Amiti, please click here.

Migdalor-Lighthouse Centers

  1. Music Saves Lives Project– Raise money to support musical programs.

  2. Rock the Mitzvah – Have a musical themed Bar/Bat Mitzvah and raise money to support musical programming for troubled Israeli youth, to express themselves and find purpose in their lives.

  3. Sports that Save Event– Have a (basketball, tennis or soccer) tournament to raise money for sports programs.

  4. Capturing Potential Project– Raise money for photography programs- cameras, darkroom materials and computers for troubled Israeli youth.

  5. Photobooth for Photography– Have a photobooth at Bar/Bat Mitzvah event and raise money for photography programs for troubled Israeli youth.

  6. Healing Gardens Project– Plant a garden and raise money to help create and plant gardens at Migdalor in Israel (seeds, soil, tools etc).

  7. Healing on Horse-back Event- Have a horse-back riding event and raise money to provide therapeutic horseback riding for troubled Israeli youth.

  8. The Artist in Us Event– Have paint night event and raise money for painting programs for Migdalor.

  9. Claymotion Event– Pottery event to raise money to have pottery classes at Migdalor.

  10. Share Your Hobby Project– Any particular hobby a Bar/Bat Mitzvah child has, they can have an event with that hobby and raise money to bring new programs to Migdalor.

  11. Literacy Love Project– Host read-a-thon and raise money for books at Migdalor to encourage literacy.

For more information about Migdalor – Lighthouse Centers, click here.

Mishehu Larutz I’to- Someone to Run With and The Shelter for Homeless Young Women in Jerusalem

  1. The Good Gear Project– Raise money for duffel bags or luggage with locks for homeless Israeli youth, so they have a respectable way to keep their belongings together.

  2. Hot Meals that Heal– Host a volunteering event at a soup kitchen, while raising money for hot meals for homeless Israeli youth.

  3. First Aid, First Project– Create small first aid kits to give to homeless ELEM youths on the street in Israel.

  4. The Warm to the Bone Project– Collect clean, warm clothes/jackets to be donated to local homeless shelters.

  5. Fashion for Israel Event– Host a fashion show event  and raise money for troubled teens in Israel.

  6. Life Makeover Event– Host a makeover event and raise money to give confidence boosting haircuts to homeless and troubled youths in Israel.

  7. Blanket Love Event– Have a quilting event and make blankets for ELEM facilities that cater to the homeless or personal blankets for participants to take with them when they leave the facilities.

  8. Cushioning the Streets Project– Have an event where Bar/Bat Mitzvah project makes pillows for the facility or personal pillows for participants to take with them wherever they go.

  9. Sweet Bubbles Event– Have a bubbles theme party, to raise money for shower products for participants.

Click here for more information about Mishehu Larutz I’to-  Someone to Run With, and The Shelter for Homeless Young Women in Jerusalem.