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Netflix’s Blackspace in Collaboration with ELEM

By July 9, 2021July 11th, 2021No Comments

Blackspace is now on Netflix!

When the first season aired in Israel, it was accompanied by a campaign to raise awareness about youth in distress and youth’s mental illness. The campaign, “You’re Not Alone” presented aftershow discussions between cast members and alumni from ELEM’s programs.

ELEM’s collaboration with Blackspace was very meaningful. How meaningful, you ask?

During the 6 weeks when the show aired in Israel:

*8,000 inquiries were made to ELEM Digital, our online platform.

*The number of inquiries made through the ELEM chat was doubled.

*70% of the inquiries were made by young women.

*The most prominent issues that came up through the inquires, while still in the height of the pandemic, included loneliness, feeling of emptiness, lack of social interactions, escalation in depression and anxiety, increase in sexual violence, increase in online violence and more.

Support our work by donating here, and watch all the one-on-one discussions below.

1.Yoni & Yehonatan

Meet Yoni, an ELEM alum, and Yehonatan, one of Blackspace’s cast members. Yoni shared with Yonatan about his upbringing, struggles (including substance abuse) and the journey that led him, with ELEM’s help, to where he is today.


2. Ola & Liana

Meet Ola, ELEM alum who attended our program “A Real Home”, and Liana, who plays Libby on Blackspace. Ola shared about the sexual abuse she experiences as a child and healing with the help of ELEM.


3. Sergey & Eyal

Sergey, who is a law student nowadays, experienced a tragic loss a few years ago. ELEM has helped him through it and through additional challenges. He pays it forward by volunteering with youth himself today.


4. Yaron & Ori.

Yaron, who was also featured in our latest annual gala, talked about what it was like to grow up in a home with a father who was addicted to hard drugs, and how ELEM, and art, helped him overcome and find his calling.


5. Petya & Yoav

Petya talked about growing up without parental supervision, which led to him smoking his first cigarette at six years old, and doing drugs by the time he was 11.5. He shared about ELEM’s role in helping him graduate from high school and believing he can be a better version of himself and achieve his goals.


Lastly, watch this interview featuring ELEM Israel Vice CEO, Amir Dloomi, and specialist educational psychologist, Sharon Tsuntz. 

The two spoke on Israel’s Channel 13 right before the series premiere of Blackspace back in December 2020, and discussed the connection between the themes of the show and the inner world of youth, which can be quite dark sometimes, especially during the pandemic, but summer break can bring with it similar challenges.