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Matrimonial Hoop

By July 23, 2021No Comments

A matrimonial hoop? Oh yeah!

Our Lighthouse/Migdalor center in Rechovot recently received a very special donation – a basketball hoop! There’s a lovely story behind it, but we’ll let the generous donor tell it:

“My husband really loves basketball. He plays with his friends from the neighborhood every Friday. I wanted to surprise him at our wedding. 

Because of COVID, our wedding was postponed multiple times, and eventually took place on Friday afternoon, exactly when he usually plays with his friends.

I bought the hoop, I made shirts for all the friends he plays with, and right in the middle of the wedding we rolled the hoop onto the dance floor as a surprise. Everyone was so excited.

A week later I already reached out to you guys at ELEM to donate it to the Lighthouse center. 

We’ve been keeping in touch ever since and the staff sends me photos of the youth shooting hoops. I hear you call it ‘The Matrimonial Hoop.’

We’re thrilled to know that we made the kids happy. I’m sure sports is a great way to have a good time and face life’s hardships.”

Thank you so much for the donation, *and* the wonderful story!