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2023 War

Israeli youth is facing an unprecedented mental health catastrophe

By November 3, 2023No Comments

Israeli youth is facing an unprecedented mental health catastrophe.

Israeli youth and young people are suffering immensely and in need of mental support. They experienced kidnapping, death, displacement, and ongoing rocket fire. The numbers of youth in our 24/7 shelters have doubled and the requests to chat with us online have increased significantly.

ELEM is available for them online, at our programs and in additional pop-up locations where our outreach vans serve evacuees. We are helping some of Israel’s most vulnerable youth who was already at risk in addition to other youth who now needs our help.

We are also planning for the aftermath of this national disaster and the future needs of youth affected by war and conflict, especially those from the communities surrounding Gaza.

In addition, as we provide mental health care to evacuated youth, we are still serving many others throughout the country in our programs, some online and some in person. They need us now more than ever.

Youth are the future of Israel, don’t leave then behind. Help us secure their future. Donate today or start your own fundraiser here. Stay up to date with our war-time work here.

ELEM pop-up site providing mental health care

ELEM pop-up site serving evacuated youth