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Hanukkah at Our New Galgal Center

By December 15, 2023No Comments

In February of this year, Galgal, our shelter for homeless young women was burned down.

Immediately after the incident, the young women were referred other frameworks throughout the country. Though the event was painful, thanks to incredible friends and donors we found a new location, renovated and can provide our ladies with the care and support they deserve.

To celebrate this Hanukkah ELEM in Israel held a special candle lighting. ELEM staff was joined by with representatives of the Ministry of Welfare, the Jerusalem Municipality and of course volunteers and the young women of Galgal.

It was a wonderful opportunity to thank ELEM donors, employees and partners whose hard work and dedication made it possible.

Celebrating the opening of Galgal was little moment of light during days of darkness. We hope it also spread some light to you.Celebrating Hanukkah at Our New Galgal Center