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Since this week is all about celebrating women, we wanted you to meet a true inspiration.

We were moved to tears when we heard that Hanin Haj, a volunteer at ELEM’s Lighthouse (Migdalor) center in Akko, was selected as an honors student at the Galil Maaravi College, where she’s studying work with at-risk youth.

It was her experience at ELEM and her meaningful work with our youth at the center, that led to her becoming an honors student.

Wared Yasin, the Manager of Lighthouse Akko, said that Hanin shows up ready to every shift, with activities and high-quality content for our youth. She’s always willing to learn and evolve. She managed to create meaningful relationships with the youth at the center and they’re always looking forward to seeing her.

Hanin’s incredible achievement shows how priceless ELEM’s volunteers are. It is a true celebration of giving to others.
We’re so proud of you, dear Hanin. You truly deserve this! Thank you for all that you do for the youth who, thanks to you, know there’s someone who’s there for them, listening and caring. Mabrouk! مبروك

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In the photo: Hanin and one of our youth from Lighthouse Akko, during an activity about violence against women.