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ELEM’s Accomplishments in Treating Sexual Violence

By June 17, 2022No Comments

Today, we want to share ELEM’s Accomplishments in Treating Sexual Violence

In 2021, close to 1,700 ELEM youth reported that they experienced sexual violence. A 230% increase compared to 2019. ELEM youth reports of sexual violence increased during COVID and remained consistent since 2020. We take these numbers seriously as we continuously expand and improve our work in treating sexual violence.

In the past year, we opened the first center in Israel focusing on teen boys (13-18) who were sexually assaulted. This is an important milestone as public awareness increased around boys and men sexual abuse. The awareness allows them to seek help at a younger age.

In addition, our other new center in Tel Aviv, which we opened right before COVID, can finally begin normal operations and grow. Our new centers are an additional step in reaching out and improving our services to different populations which include Haredi, Arab and immigrants living in South Tel Aviv. 

Another important initiative that served this purpose was our collaboration with other organizations in creating “comfort space” which encouraged people to discuss sexual assault in light of the general increase in such incidences and in the Haredi community in particular. 500 people attended the space.

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