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2023 War

ELEM Employees are Serving on all fronts

By November 10, 2023No Comments

Our employees are always there for countless youth in distress. But now, many have been called to serve on a different front. Currently, 18 ELEM employees have been drafted for reserve duty, and 22 have a partner who was drafted.  

We are all waiting for their safe return home, youth and staff alike.  

The incredible employees in the pictures serve homeless young women at our program Galgal and boys who are victims of sexual violence at our program Orshina. These are some extremely vulnerable populations. Changes and instability can be difficult for them. Missing familiar faces they know and trust, particularly during these painful and uncertain times, can have a negative impact.  

We know how those who are serving in reserves care about the youth they help, and we want to assure them that their wellbeing is in the best of hands. We are all so grateful for employees and volunteers who support these youth in the absence of those in reserves. Their work allows us to continue and provide support to those in need. 

At the same time ELEM is also working on recruiting additional staff to cover for the shortage and to serve additional youth. 

If you want to learn more about how we are helping youth during the ongoing war click here.

Please consider supporting ELEM during this difficult time by clicking here.