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Lighthouse Migdalor

A Proud ELEM Moment

By January 12, 2024February 9th, 2024No Comments

The past few months have been difficult so we wanted to share with you a proud moment. Hopefully, this will inspire you to see change is possible and will bring a smile to your face. It definitely made us smile! 

In 2018, Wared who ran ELEM’s Acre Lighthouse Center met Iham, a 14-year-old who was going through a difficult time with his family and personally which led him to get in trouble with the law. Wared together with a probation officer helped Iham as part of Kdam project.

It was not easy, there were ups and downs. Wared didn’t give up on Iham and Iham has to muster his inner inner strength. With a lot of hard work Iham managed to start anew. Since then Iham joined Israel’s Fire and Rescue Services, a goal he had since his time with ELEM.

We are so proud to see our alumni not only transform but choose to give back to their communities.

Iham, ELEM graduate we are proud of