Transitional Apartments

What are Transitional Apartments?

ELEM operates two transitional apartments for drug-addicted homeless young men and women who have completed physical detoxification. They must be committed to undergoing a process of change and integrating back into society. Participants can stay in an ELEM apartment for one year.

Where are the Transitional Apartments located?

The two apartments are located in Tel Aviv.

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Who is served?

In collaboration with the Addictions Unit of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, ELEM develops an individually tailored plan for each resident that includes an assigned social worker, ongoing therapy at an addiction day center, group therapy, a personalized program for life skills development and regular meetings with a volunteer mentor.

 Achievements for 2018

  • Expansion of cooperation with various therapy providers in the community.

  • Conducting an expanded professional training course for new volunteers.

Expansion and Development Goals

  • Increase public awareness and promote legislation to improve services for homeless young adults.