Support ELEM’s Impact for Youth in Distress During COVID-19 

Back in mid-October 2020, ELEM released a second report, focusing on the second wave, specifically between the months of June – August 2020. The findings clearly show that the numbers are still on the rise. Read the full report for additional information about or work during the pandemic. 

Read ELEM’s report about the harsh impact of COVID-19 on at-risk youth in Israel.  The report also showcases ELEM’s extraordinary work, providing essential support to over 4,800 youth during the first outbreak in March through May 2020.  

ELEM is seeing a surge in inquiries and cases that require immediate interference while welfare services are shut down or minimized. We have diverted emergency funds for humanitarian packages including food, personal protective equipment, and accommodations for safe shelter and quarantine space. 

Despite the challenges, our staff and volunteers continue to actively reach out to youth in need, online and in person.  We are in urgent need of support to continue programs and meet the growing need of vulnerable youth during the crisis. Please support ELEM’s ongoing work in the face of the pandemic.