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Good People Project

Public Security Ministry calls to support ELEM’s program

By September 16, 2022No Comments

Haaretz recently covered the call by Israeli Public Security Ministry to support ELEM’s Good People program, instead of the heavy focus on law enforcement. 

Our program assists youth and young people using drugs in rave parties. These events attract high-risk youth who need help and emotional support to get back on track. Without ELEM’s critical intervention, youth who partake in psychedelic drugs could suffer life-changing effects and even long-term psychiatric hospitalization. 

If the call by the Ministry is approved,  approx. $60,000  will be given to ELEM to operate safe spaces at raves. Haaretz reported that the idea is a result of  recommendations made by a team of different government ministries, Israeli police and the raves organizers. An Israeli Public Security report  indicates that early intervention is critical for recovery and preventing deterioration. 

Roy Homri, Head of ELEM’s Street Work Field, emphasized the importance of treatment. He stated that  it should not be neglected when there is enforcement.

Working in collaboration with government authorities to tackle issues face by youth and young people is extremely important to ELEM. Solving these issues and providing the best solutions require the support of all systems involved. 

We are so happy to see a shift in mindset and welcome Public Security Ministry support. We hope to continue leading with compassion and care.

woman pouring water as part of good people project