The Friendship House - Galgal

What is The FriendshipHouse – Galgal?

This project serves youth who live on the streets and are severely neglected and alienated from society. The goal is to reduce the damage that living on the street causes by offering emotional support, medical aid and helping youth exercise their rights.  The program provides assistance to youth six days a week. Services include outreach, building relationships with the homeless and providing basic humanitarian aid, i.e. food, clothing, hot showers, and medical equipment. Those with motivation to change are given the option of participating in long-term rehabilitation.

Who is served?

The Friendship House –¬†Galgal serves teens and young adults from ages 16 to 26. These young people are often involved in drug/alcohol abuse and criminal activities. Many of these teens and young adults are new immigrants with no family in Israel.

90% of the participants experience strife within their own families. 80% have social difficulties, substance abuse problems and are victims of violence.

 Achievements for 2018

  • Establishment of two street patrol teams in Tel Aviv and increased street patrols in Jerusalem.

  • Moving to a newly renovated building in Jerusalem.

Goals and Development Plans

  • To set up shelters for homeless young adults in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

  • To develop additional services for young adults who have aged-out of services at the centers.