Yonatan Gutfeld – an Israeli singer-songwriter will be performing his debut in an ELEM-Entry NY event this Saturday, June 23rd 2012 8:00 PM at the Ben-Yehoshua-Lin Residence in White Plains, NY.
Gutfeld – Jerusalem, Israel born, recently moved to New York City where he’s working on recording his second album. He served the Israeli army as a vocalist and a pianist at the Israeli air force band. Gutfeld acquired his musical education at “Rimon – School for Contemporary Music” and the “Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance” of the Hebrew University.
His first album – “Yonatan Gutfeld” was released last year, followed by a cross-Israel concert tour.
To listen to Yonatan Gutfeld’s music:
Bat-Or Kalo, an up-and-coming musician is featuring the ELEM-Entry NY 5th Community Dinner on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 @ 8:00 PM. Bat-Or will bring her unique-rusty act to the Mor Residence in Scarsdale, NY.
Kalo has been involved with ELEM-Entry NY for almost 3 years, featuring all the community’s events with her exceptional musical talent.
Kalo is also leading the ELEMusic event – a Rock’nOpera extravaganza benefit – scheduled for fall 2012.
To learn more about Bat-Or Kalo:

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Yesterday was a very special day for the Israeli and Jewish community in NYC- the annual celebrate Israel event (also known as the Israel Parade) filled 5th avenue with balloons, Hebrew signs, flags and many other blue and white items. People of all ages and backgrounds marched through the parade and were encouraged by Israel supporters. Of course, ELEM-Entry NY was also there to support and raise awareness for our important cause. With our new ELEM-Entry NY t-shirts, blue and white balloons (thank you Shiri Stern Aouate and Nir Aouate!) and lots of good spirit, we cheered the marchers, from nursery school children to Holocaust survivors, and helped people get to know what ELEM-Entry is all about.  I’m proud to have taken part in this important event and hope that this will be yet another milestone in establishing ELEM-Entry NY as an integral part of the Israeli and Israel supporting community in this great city.

First we take Manhattan, than we take our goals one by one.

See you next year!

Shira Bar-On

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After 3 weeks of training, coordination, building a team and dealing with last minute issues – We finally did it!!! No excuses and proudly – the 6 of us made it to the end line!

I am happy to tell you the story behind the scenery:

Excuse #1 – I can’t run?!

A few months back, Tamar Oren-Raz & Elad Raz (ELEm-Entries and good friends of mine) joined the New York Road Runners and started running every other weekend on different runs organized by the association. They also mentioned to me that they are signed up for the Israel Day Run on June 3rd.

A few weeks ago – Ifat Lev (ELEM-Entryst who joined ELEM-Entry NY at about the same time I did) posted on her facebook page a call to any of her friends who might be interested in joining her to the Israel Day Run. This time I decided to explore more – and found out that the run is 4 miles. I told Ifat I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it – and she said – “Of course you can!”.

Later on the day it stroke me. Yes, I can. Not only to run. I can raise awareness to the cause I’m so deeply passionate about by running 4 miles. Derived by this notion – I started making the necessary arrangements.

Excuse #2 – I don’t know what to wear!

Luckily – Pninit Boev – one of ELEM-Entry’s most motivated activists – has already worked on producing ELEM-Entry NY t-shirts (see the next posting about the parade). All I had to do (aside from putting together a training program…) was to ask Tamar, Elad and Ifat if they will be willing to run wearing ELEM-Entry NY t-shirts. I also contacted other fellow ELEM-Entries who I thought would be interested in joining – which resulted in Ayelet Levron (ELEM-Entry NY Core member) and Shira Hon (ELEM-Entry NY activist) joining us and making us a running team of 6!

Excuse #3 – Registration closed!

10 days before the run we tried to sign up for the run. We were very surprised to learn that the registration had been closed as the run was SOLD-OUT! But that didn’t turn us down. We decided we will run anyway – as our dedication and determination is bigger than bureaucracy or shirt numbers.

Excuse #4 – The night before the Sunday 8 AM run

The night before the run I emailed and called all the runners to make sure they are all showing up the next morning. Pninit brought me the team’s t-shirts. I was extremely exhausted, however – I couldn’t get to bed since I was so excited. At 10:50 PM I received the following email from Shira Hon:

On Jun 2, 2012, at 10:50 PM, Shira Hon wrote:

I am not 100% sure that i will run. if you can’t bring the shirt don’t worry about it. I might just come with my regular cloths.
In any case good luck and have a great run. I will call you at 7 am to tell you my final decision.


My reply to that was simply:

On Jun 2, 2012, at 10:55 PM, Nitzan ELEM-Entry wrote:

you are coming!
and I am bringing your t-shirt with me!!!
see you there!

(The next morning Shira thanked me for doing it :-) )

Excuse #5 – One t-shirt short

For some reason I only checked the content of the bag Pninit handed me the night before only on the morning after, just to discover that I am missing Tamar’s t-shirt! When I arrived at Tamar & Elad’s and told her the news – she made a sad face, but didn’t let it take her down. She immediately took the official Israel Day Run t-shirt, and with a pen scrapped “ELEM-ENTRY NY” on it, cut it and with the help of Elad attached it to her shirt.

Now that all excuses were finally handled right – we were ready to hot the road!

10,000 participants, hundreds of cheering spectators and volunteers, uphills and downhills and 4 miles later – we finally got to the end line.


See you next year!

Nitzan Levy

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After 3 weeks, running over 26 miles (not all at once!), loosing a few pounds and getting 5 more ELEM-Entries on board – I got to the night before THE RUN!

The adrenaline levels in my blood are high. A level of adrenaline that can only be achieved by the combination of determination, ambition, compassion and passion. And running – of course :-)

I am all set and ready for tomorrow. I just need to get myself into bed soon – tough one – considering the adrenaline levels I was speaking about before…

Check out the run trail. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s wrap-up post!