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Dear Friends,
I just wanted to thank you all for an amazing production and an unforgettable evening. Your dedication and enthusiasm is a treasure, and I am truly proud to have such collaborators on my team!
We still don’t have the complete picture, but so far 5 houses raised more than $11000! and we still have 2 more! This means the total will be more than $13000!!!
As you probably know – all funds raised will go to Erim Balayla (Awak at Night).
Thank U’s:
Nitzan Levi – For an amazing PR work, and overall contribution with practically everything!
Avital Levinzon – For a wonderful video presentation
Shiri Stern – For a great pledge card and cheat sheet
Rinat Israelovich – For mastering the activists lists and assignments and overall support
Mitchell Slepian – Amazing PR and marketing work and a spirit of a true activist!
Liat Berko – for a great marketing work
Gefen Lamdan – for a lovely invitation and Save The Date
Shira Nahum – for wonderful house descriptions and helping with the cheat sheet
House leaders – Tal, Yuval, Avital, Rinat, Shiri, Nirel, Liat, Nitzan, Davidi – for being on top of everything
Sophia Goodman & Milena Kohzin – for a lovely Georgian cuisine

For all people that got the houses – Rinat, Yuval, Nitzan, Violette, Michele, Amanda
David Yarden – for helping coordinating this evening

Everyone that contributed during this lovely evening – core members and activists – Tal Shapsa & Oren Heiman, Pninit Boev, Anat Abramov, Gali Mehl, Shira Nahum, Meital Dror, Shiri Jakobovitz, Ifat Lev, Mitchell Slepian, Lior Brimberg, Itzik Zur, Lisa Aslan, Adi Ezroni, Shira & Guy Bar-On (which we unfortunately had to give up on – never more!)

Our amazing musicians:
Dan Nadel (guitar)
Bat-Or Kalo (guitar, vocals)
Lianne Aharoni (vocals)
Stanislav Fridman(piano)
Elad Kabilio (Cello)
Daniel James (Flute)
David Blasher(Cello)
Harvey Valdes(oud)
Daniel Weiss(Guitar)

Our Hosts:
Tal Shapsa & Oren Heiman
Ayala & Sharon Kochan
Ze’ev & Natalie Horowicz-Mehler
Ronny & Yoel Piotraut
Michael & Nirit Shaoul
Violette Mizrahi
Amy Goldberger

Barbounia – for sponsoring one of our locations.

And last but not least – Michele Carlin – the Executive Director of Elem USA and Amanda Baumgart – the Development Associate of Elem USA – for the unconditional support in our innovative ideas and for helping us making the best out of every event!

Best of the best!

And to whomever I may have forgotten or joined at the last moment – my apologies and thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Ayelet Levron
Elem Entry -
The Young Leadership of Elem, NYC

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