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What a night!

This is the 4th time we’re doing this in a 2 years period, and once again – we have managed to raise significant funds for Awake at Night program – dealing with youth in prostitution in Israel.

However – I want to talk about something bigger than money. I want to talk about community, social responsibility, mission and activism.

Since early morning hours, as some of us were preparing food for the dinners, some were getting last minute over-booking confirmations and running last errands – there was a magical hustle and bustle in the air. Texting, whatsapping, facebooking, tweeting and linked-ins were beeping constantly on my iPhone, leaving me with less than 40% battery power by noon. This went on when we all got to our assignment locations, and between trying to entertain our guests, tweeting statuses and photos and serving dinner, I was getting constant updates from activists in other locations. At midnight, after most dinners were adjourned and the community members got back home, it became even more intense. Within 30 minutes I got 25 group messages, 10 private text messages, 3 emails and loads of “likes” on my postings on facebook and a few other posts on our community page. This was remarkable.

One of ElemEntry’s initial objectives is to raise awareness to youth in distress in Israel. This night has demonstrated vividly how communication – in different forms – can raise awareness, make a change and eventually raise money.

I call all ElemEntry activists, as well as hosts and supporters who attended the community dinner, to help us spread the word by telling your friends, posting on your social media outlets, blogging and sharing your posts with us – so we can publish them in this community blog.


Nitzan Levy
Chair of Social Media

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