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———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Nitzan Levy
Date: 7 November 2011 01:07
Subject: $40,000 thank yous!

Dear Friends,

2 hours after the event. Adrenaline is still running through my veins. I am just starting to realize what we did tonight.

As most of you know, The Elem Entry’s unique spirit is what makes our organization’s young leadership stand out in the non-profit world in NYC. Our power is in the network of 40 young professionals, who come from different backgrounds and industries, all talented, passionate and enthusiastic about the cause. This enthusiasm is what makes events like tonight’s event so successful.

$40,000 thank yous!

The Thank you list is long, so please forgive me to not making a personal thank you email to each and every one of you. though each and everyone of you deserves the personal thank you.

Let’s start:

Adi Ezroni – for doing such a great meticulous curating job and for gracefully and professionally guiding gallery the tour. Adi is the live spirit behind this wonderful event from its very first moment – a little over 3 years ago. and my personal source of inspiration.

Lilach Hod who helped us contacting artists and collecting their pieces in Israel.

Ayelet Levron for arranging with her company Traiana the storage of the crate during the past 3 weeks. And for photography before and during the event!

Shiri Stern – our wonder-woman event manager! your organizational skills are definitely an asset to our community!

Avital Levinzon – For helping getting hors d’oeuvres donation of Bari Cafe and cupcakes by Baked By Melissa. And for letting me drive you nuts with errands when needed – you were a great help!

Avi Ashman – for handling our wine department so professionally and efficiently.

Bat-Or Kalo - our dedicated musician who never skips an opportunity to contribute her time, efforts and rare talent.

Daniel Weiss – a new comer fellow musician to our community – who (together with Sharon) shared some great Jazz tunes with us.

Lianne Aharoni – who we missed singing this time, but I’m convinced we would hear more of and from in the near future!

Donna Dotan – for her professional photography. Can’t wait to see those photos!

Mitchell Slepian – for a great PR and press work. thanks to Mitchell our event got listed in various listings which brought 3 press people to our event!

My colleague Elem Entry Core members: Davidi Yarden, Yuval Sheer, Avital Levinzon, Rinat Israelovich and Nirel Levi – for the moral support and trust you give me on a daily basis and for all the help in putting up this event.

Davidi – Thanks for helping securing Opera Gallery, spreading the word about our event among collectors and art lovers and for cooling me off when my temper goes crazy…

Yuval – for handling all New York artists affairs – being a son and a husband of artists – no wonder you are so good at it!

Oren Heiman – for gathering this amazing group of young professionals 4 years ago, for leading us in the right direction, for putting us in touch with so many good people who helped in this event and others and for making a great job as an auctioneer!

To all of you who helped with their contacts, time, muscles, talents and big hearts: Lisa Aslan, Guy Bar-On, Liat Berko, Pninit Boev, Lior Brimberg, Sophia Goodman, Rinat Israelovich, Milena Kozhin, Kobi Lahav, Shira Lenczner, Shira Nahum, Ram Shnabel, Itzik Zur. Let’s not forget - Tali Naveh and Tamar Rotem – who came into the rescue from a distance – in Israel and in New York.

And last but not least – Michele Carlin – the Executive Director of Elem USA and Amanda Baumgart – the Development Associate of Elem USA – for the unconditional support in our innovative ideas and for helping us making the best out of every event!

Best of the best!


Photography by Ayelet Levron:

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