Two weeks ago, I had the honor of attending the first event of a new movement of Jewish New Yorkers who decided to invest their energies in giving to those in need in the Jewish community.

The group which was founded by Attorney Adina Gluckman is called PaEel (“Active” in Hebrew) and is based on the core Jewish values of Tzedaka (charity) and Gemilot Chasadim (Acts of Kindness). The group opens up opportunities to actualize one’s potential to do good by giving to the Jewish community. It enables one to connect with Jewish causes that one finds meaningful.

PaEel’s first event took place at an upper west side apartment, and the space was packed with a group of young professionals who came to hear a panel speak about dating and being single in the Jewish World.

PaEel decided to donate the proceeds from this first event to Elem in order to support its work for youth in distress.

Before the panel started, I noted that it was tremendously meaningful that a group of
successful Jewish young professionals decided to help the most vulnerable children in Israel and to ensure that they will not become invisible within the Israeli society.

The young leadership of Elem welcomes this inspiring initiative and we look forward to working closely with PaEel.

Check out PaEel July 6th event in which Author & Middle East specialist, Joseph Braude, will read selections from his recently published book, “The Honored Dead,” during a discussion with moderator, Jacob Dallal.

Yuval Sheer

Photo taken in Tel Aviv by Lili Sheer

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